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Recently I showed a mate the episode of Lexx known as Luvliner. Very awesome episode in my opinion, and I thought if I'm going to start with any episode, it might as well be that one. I watched his face as the episode proceeded, and it mostly resembled a WTF?! look and followed closely by a scared grin. But he liked it. He was frightened and horrified by Shlemmi, and his robot raping ways, and decided that the entire show was the epitome of WTF. Also didn't understand the love I held for Kai. But he indeed liked Xev.

 So WTF indeed mate. But also love and sexiness to the max. XD


Sep. 12th, 2008 10:12 pm
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I'm brand new to LEXX and have yet to see S4 but I thought I couldn't help but make some icons. I can't believe it took me *this* long to actually watch LEXX!

+ 30 icons from Boomtown


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Aug. 28th, 2008 03:30 pm
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Hello all!

Just joined this community and thought I'd mention my own Lexx site at http://www.lexxdomain.com/

May His Shadow Fall Upon .... me preferably.
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I'm watching 2.17 The Net and so far it seems virtually identical to the proceeding episode 2.16 The Web

has anyone else noticed this or was I drinking furniture polish last night?

why did the producers do that I wonder?

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can anyone recommend a good episode guide for Lexx.

i've started watching the series again and it'd be nice to read reviews/analysis of each episode as i watch them

thanks in advance

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Here it is, My new fan-video. It more than 20 minutes long, so it has a large size - 150 Mb.


Its more on Russian. To understand it till the end and to estimate all humour, certainly, it is necessary to grow up in Russia. However I have tried to inform up to you though a part of sense, having made English subtitles. I apologize for my bad English. If you'll find some mistakes in subtitles, I shall correct them with pleasure.


Also you can download two trailer of this video


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Hey Lexxfans!

I've been watching Lexx eps lately, and I'm feeling the need for a fix. I've been saving these icons up for a bit, and I figured I'd share them with you now

  • Credit [livejournal.com profile] eyre_lasgalen

  • Textless icons are not bases

  • ENJOY!

  • These were already x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] lexxians, but hopefully I'll reach a few more fans here

    Under the cut )
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    Looking for any Lexxian roleplayers at this site. I also got characters up for grabs.


    TV vote

    Jun. 29th, 2006 06:15 pm
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    Here you can vote for Lexx. You can vote once every hour.
    It's possible to move him to ninth position. =)

    The current totals is here:
    and here:
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    Yeah ... I need my new LEXX June Calendar ... where is it? :(
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    May is a time, when we can already go on picnics. However to us mosquitoes prevent to take pleasure.
    But there is someone who will relieve us from them!

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    There is no Lexx without TV. Isn't it?

    Wallpaper-calendar on March

    Work by Lunatik
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    My xmas present to myself - the complete first season of Lexx. I found it on ebay and decided not to let anyone else have it.

    What have I requested for my upcoming birthday? Lexx season three ^_^

    Then next year I'll work on getting the final season. Thus, my Lexxicon will be complete (=^.^=)
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    In order to yesterday's birthday of Brian and in order to last month of autumn has began today it is time to new wallpaper-calendar on November. The author - Elke

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    Hallo all,
    Just joined the community. 'Lexx' has literally changed my life. I'm serious. I started watching during the third season (mostly because I LOVE Nigel Bennett) and after first three episodes and Tunnels, I just felt so...I don't know, elated at the fact that this show existed. It is so erotic and moving and f**kin amazing! I actually got my lip pierced because of the character "Prince".

    Well, that is my rant.

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