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Today I present a new wallpaper-maker. Her nick is Lunatik. On russian it means Moon Girl

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All the September long I shall look at wall-papers, kiss the screen and whisper " Yes, my Prince ".

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I have understood, that there were no still the wallpapers devoted personal to Xev. Therefore in a calendar for July I correct this awful mistake.
As well as the last month it is work by Elke.

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Want to destroy the world? (#2 was how the Light Universe was destroyed.)

Don't forget to absolve yourself afterwards ;)
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I was at Big Lots yesterday, and I am standing in line... and I look over, and I see a VHS of "I Worship His Shadow"!


So I bought it. The end!

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In Russia not only I make Lexx-wallpapers, but also other people. And the calendar on June is made on the basis of wallpaper by Elke. She is mine old familiar, big lexxian. And she lives in Ufa city.
Enjoy perfect creation!

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This is idea of n5-kopele:

"I think you all know about the petition to bring Lexx back. Unfortunately it's now down and will be starting again from the beginning. Meanwhile we should try something else to revive our favorite show. This weekend (28-29.05) I'm organising a large campaign - I want everyone who sees this topic to compose an e-mail to television@allianceatlantis.com writing them to allow the making of a new Lexx movie. As you know all, what's wanted is them to release the rights. I think that if we all unite and send them as much e-mails as we can we might make them think about how much we are and that they would actually win from making the movie - after all they don't have to pay anything. So on those two days write your e-mail, also make your friends write one."

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At the end of March I have been so absorbed by idea of new Stan's hat, that have absolutely forgotten about April, 15th. And though we have celebrated it as it is necessary (personally I after celebrating and with transatlantic droolers has gone to sleep at 7 a.m., having devastated the week stock of beer for a night), I have understood, that the hero for a calendar-wallpapers for May is found.

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The idea of a new Stan's hat for Error 404-page has so grasped me, that I was not kept and on its basis have made the whole calendar-wallpapers for April 2005.

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Brigadoom makes a lovely study break :)
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The chat with Xenia has been bumped up by 2 days- it will now be held on Tuesday, March 15 at 5pm eastern time. Sorry about this, but she ended up having to travel to promote her new movie "Der Clown".

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This was posted on lexxfans.com:

Hi Folks!

Xenia has agreed to participate in a one hour chat session with the fans on Thursday, March 17(St. Patty's Day) at 5:00 pm eastern time. Hope to see you there .

The chat will take place on the fefnet random server. The irc address is irc.fef.net and the room to join will be #lexxchat

It will be the same room as the previous lexxfans celebrity chat. You can also get there directly on that day by using the chat portal button located at the top right of the screen. You may see the button when you're logged in or logged out of the bored, depending upon what kind of board style you are using.

Original post

Xenia on Playboy cover!
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Hi. I just find this community and joined it.

At different forums, in the different countries continually discussion, who is our favourite female character... Zev or Xev, Lyekka or Bunny... Really only blondes with long leggs can be Ms. Light Universe???

Wallpaper-calendar for March, 2005.
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X-posted in [livejournal.com profile] lexxfans and [livejournal.com profile] lexxians

This is a fun little movie (34mb) ;) Lexx and more! (click on link)
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when his divine shadow died why didn't the key go to zev (since stan already had one)

and also why the fuck did he have a key in the first place if it wasn't him who was originally meant to command the lexx

i suppose it could be:
1-cos he didnt want anyone else to get it even if he died
2-for safekeeping till he decided who was gonna command it

but im very bored and havent slept in nearly 2 days so there :-P
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ohhh yeah talking of lexx songs and stuff

y'know the magic magic baby song in that series 4 episode (with the dude who i think was from emmerdale farm or some shit)

did anyone else think it was the exact same tune as most of the songs in "brigadoom" or does it just sem that way when you've been to "festive"
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"Around the wheel we lightly prance,
la la la la la la la la la
Around its hub we sprightly dance,
la la la la la la la la la... la."
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